Compassion follows understanding.  It is therefore incumbent on us to understand as best we can.  The burden of disease will then become lighter for all.”
​- Dr. E. Fuller Torrey

Partnership Presentations are a free, public education program.

Presentation teams consist of three trained presenters: a person with a psychiatric diagnosis, a family member and a mental health professional.

Partnership teams speak from different perspectives using the personal storytelling model. Partnership Presentations are a very effective educational tool evoking thoughtful audience response and participation. Questions are answered directly by people who have first-hand knowledge and experience.

Presentations are made to groups throughout the community:  university and college classes, high schools, crisis line volunteers, home support workers, financial aid workers, lawyers and law students,  church groups, community service clubs, transit drivers, ambulance drivers, local police and media.

Partnership education helps fight stigma, ignorance, prejudice, Hollywood myths, and hurtful stereotypes.

Partnership education provides essential facts about the physiology of mental illness and addresses misconceptions about schizophrenia and other serious mental illness.

Partnership education is an effective way to get the message out–to students, to people employed in mental health or to those who work daily with the public.

Partnership education also provides information on the programs and services of MHRP.

If you would like to arrange for a Partnership Presentation for your agency, work place or classroom please contact us!