Join us virtually on Zoom every Wednesday mornings at 11:00am to share how your creative practice has influenced your recovery. This group is open to people from all creative backgrounds – art, writing, dance, music, textiles or anything else – and we invite you to bring something to show and/or tell us about your practice and its meaning for you. This group is here to nourish and inspire each other in our recovery journey.

Each week we offer an (optional) inspiration theme for the following week.

Online Access – ZOOM LINK: | Meeting ID: 895 0227 0293

or check the Events Calendar

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  1. I struggle with making friends and feel isolated. Partly related to COVID and my own issues. ADD and likely high functioning autistic. I have been told I need to get into some group activities to help me. This has been next to impossible for the past 2 years. I was recommended to this site. Can this help me?

    1. Hello,

      We have groups available every Wednesday that could be helpful to you. Check in the “Events” subheading in our website for more information.

      Take care,
      MHRP Staff

    2. Hi Dorothy,
      I hope you’ve had the opportunity to look around this website and see if there is something that interests you. You are welcome to attend the Creative Wednesday sessions. The format is simple. We take turns to share our creative endeavor and/or about it and the others listen compassionately. One or two people will reflect what they’ve heard, seen or felt while you shared. We go around the circle like that. Looking forward to meeting you.

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