United Way Makes Our Community’s Mental Health a Top Priority during COVID-19

Please support mental health services

United Way Greater Victoria (UWGV) is appealing to the public to help support mental health services as part of its fundraising campaign, especially since the holiday season can be a trigger for many. Donations raised will go to fund counselling services, outreach and peer support workers, and to create virtual social gathering places so individuals can connect in order to reduce isolation.

Mental Health Information

Mental health is just as important as physical health. Despite the stigmas surrounding mental illness, it is crucial to remember that mental health issues do not mean someone is weak, ‘crazy’, or bad. In the same way that a broken leg doesn’t make someone a bad person, neither does having a mental illness. Like a broken leg, mental illnesses are treatable and can be managed. You are not alone, and you are still you. 

​This resource page contains information on several mental illnesses, as well as online educational and informational links and videos.